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Can I join my child's session?

Therapy is individualized based on needs and developmental state. With child clients we invite caregivers only to participate in the initial intake session, then ongoing sessions are typically with the child only. We've found that children tend to make faster gains in therapy when they feel they have a space of their own to explore feelings, whether or not the issues are related to parental relationships.

Our goal is always to bring caregivers into the solution when the child feels safe with doing so. Sometimes parents are invited to join the end of a session so their child can show a new skill, share sessions details, or ask for support. Parent sessions may be requested at anytime however, unless the child grants their therapist permission or the therapist feels there is a safety issue, discussion will be guided around how to support the child instead of details of therapy sessions. At times your therapist may start working with your child and then determine parenting sessions with or without the child are in the best interest of the child.

Work with caregivers is child focused, informative, and supportive. Email updates from caregivers prior to the session are always welcome!

Can I join my child's session?: FAQ
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