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IGTP-RG Online Group: Updating your Internal Story as a Result of COVID-19

$120 for the 4 hour workshop.

Many are experiencing ongoing symptoms such anxiety, overwhelm, burnout, or upsetting thoughts as a result of COVID-19. Offered as an optional follow-up for participants who completed "Turning Down the Volume on the Mental Health Effects of COVID-19" and would like to have more positive internal connections when thinking about their negative experience. This active workshop is considered therapy therefore can be claimed through insurance companies who cover services from a Registered Social Worker with an MSW.

This 4 hour active workshop will invite participants to use the Integrative Group Treatment Protocol Remote Group (IGTP-RG) protocol to update their internal story related to COVID-19. IGTP-RG is used for past, recent, or present prolonged, repeated, or multiple adverse experiences. It is a memory reprocessing and consolidation protocol, therefore is considered therapy. Incorporating aspects of ASSYST, EMDR, and art therapy, it works like surgery to remove a tumour. For example, if a participant begins a workshop with the thoughts "I'm in danger" within their memory network, they may leave with the thought "I'm surviving". Circumstance and facts have not changed however perspective has, which can have a positive ripple effect.

Participants will meet via Zoom. Cameras are required to be on at all times so confidentiality is not maintained however, participants do not need to share their personal experiences with the group. Groups cohorts are by age: 9-12, 13-18, and adult. 5-8 participants per group. Parents must be near by in case their child needs support however are not required to be in the room.

You will:

-Learn about the stress response and how it affects our mental health in the short and long term.

-Gain basic grounding techniques to help calm the body.

-Participate in the IGTP remote EMDR protocol using the Butterfly Hug and aspects of art therapy to gain new insight and narrative linked to the stressful situation.

This EMDR protocol is a result of Dr. Jarero's research, where he has shown the effectiveness in an online group setting:

◦Jarero, I., Givaudan, M., Osorio, A. (2018). Randomized Controlled Trial on the Provision of the EMDR Integrative Group Treatment Protocol Adapted for Ongoing Traumatic Stress to Patients with Cancer.Journal of EMDR Practice and Research, 12(3), 94-104.

◦Wong, S-L (2018). EMDR-based Divorce Recovery Group: A case study. Journal of EMDR Practice and Research, 12(2), 58-70.

◦Pérez, M.C., Estévez, M.E., Becker, Y., Osorio, A., Jarero, I., & Givaudan, M. (2020). Multisite Randomized Controlled Trial on the Provision of the EMDR Integrative Group Treatment Protocol for Ongoing Traumatic Stress Remote to Healthcare Professionals Working in Hospitals During the Covid-19 Pandemic. Psychology and Behavioral Science International Journal.15(4):1-12. ID:555920.DOI:10.19080/PBSIJ.2020.15.555920

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