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Induced After Death Communication (IADC)

After Death Communication is a normal and natural human experience, which can happen spontaneously. Induced After Death Communication (IADC) is a researched approach based off EMDR therapy. IADC helps the bereaved feel a reduction of sadness and a renewed connection to their deceased loved one. 

About 75% of clients who undergo IADC experience an Induced After Death Communication. Clients may perceive their loved one's presence, or messages from them through one or all five senses. All After Death Communication is loving and has been shown to be helpful for the grieving process. The 25% who do not experience an After Death Communication still benefit from the relief of reduced sadness. IADC can be combined with EMDR therapy.

This approach is best suited for clients who's loved one died at least 6 months prior, so that the full range of grief has been felt in different environments and timelines. There is no limit to the time that has passed, even it has been years. 

Similar to EMDR, IADC involves using eye movements or other forms of bi-lateral stimulation while focusing on the core sadness regarding the loss of a loved one. Therapy is scheduled for two 60 minute sessions over two consecutive days.

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