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Accessing Inner Parts for Self and Relationship Guidance: Services
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Accessing Inner Parts for Self and Relationship Guidance

1 Day Adult Therapy in a Group Setting

$180 per participant


This unique group therapy will focus on connecting with your inner parts by expanding your mental health toolkit and using trauma-based therapeutic techniques. You will learn and apply a range of skills in a welcoming environment with limited sharing of personal details amongst group members.

 - Mental Health programming delivered by a Registered Social Worker

- Lunch and snacks provided

Receipts can be claimed through insurance benefit programs which cover services with a Registered Social Worker


Helman Counselling

Krista Helman is a Registered Social Worker who helps clients navigate trauma while improving their mind-body connection. Her private practice encompasses psychotherapy, EMDR, Ego State Therapy, and the Safe and Sound Protocol. Her scope of practice has included children, adults, couples, active and retired military members. She is Co-Director of the West Ottawa Wellness clinic and a Facilitator with the Crisis and Trauma Resource Institute. Krista was born and raised in Ottawa, where she lives with her blended family of five children and three dogs.

Accessing Inner Parts for Self and Relationship Guidance: About
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